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Unlike the traditional annual travel open-market sale, The Travel Madness Expo shall offer both Tourism Boards and Travel Providers a wider and growing opportunity to take a step forward in this industry. Our main strategies circle on a foundation of professional and profitable relations through fair and equal trade endeavors:

  • More spacious booth allocations

  • Significantly lower booth costs

  • Committee-regulated trading and booth setup mechanics

     As the Tourism Authority of your country:

  • You will be able to showcase your newest, as well as your most popular destinations

     To this effect, travel agents are encouraged to:

  • Seek comparatively lower and reasonable rates, which will enable the participating exhibitors to come up with deals such as:

  • Unbelievable once in a year deals;

  • Group Departure selling on selected destinations; and

  • Advanced vacation booking discounts.

  • Promote and showcase their services to the fullest without worrying about the minimal marketing and exhibiting costs during the event; and

  • Widen the range of contacts by introducing themselves to onsite and participating international tourism boards and wholesale agents.


Strongly supporting this event are the top industry players of IATA, domestic tour operators, domestic hotels and resorts, global service providers, destination management companies, domestic and international airlines, and prestigious financial firms like the Philippine National Bank.

The Travel Madness Expo was originally designed for advanced booking for the lean season in TII’s bid to make tourism a year-round affair. But since its first staging in 2012, the expo has evolved into an international event for travel promos, discounts and rock-bottom prices even for the peak season and throughout the year. Ideal for people to shop around in preparation for their Christmas holiday break or, for those in the academe on their semestral break.

Spanning all the four halls of the SMX, the exhibitors are grouped into zones – Star, Sky, Style, Sun, Siguridad, Ship, Shop and Sarap zones that are color-coded and put each sector of the tourism industry in a cluster, making it easy for visitors to find the appropriate service providers for their respective needs.

The grid also provides a corridor after every two booths, further facilitating the movement of people in the expo, which serves as a one-stop shop for all of the visitors’ travel requirement.

Travel Madness Expo was organized by Travel Innovators, Inc. (TII).  Practically all travel and tourism sectors and allied and support industries are represented in this expo and had long been envisioned to put this segment of the global business community under one roof.

NOW ON ITS 8th successful year, the Travel Madness Expo remains the biggest travel fair for the second half of the year and has been consistently scoring record highs in local and international industry participation and visitor attendance.

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