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We are a group of reputable and trusted travel partners and providers venturing as one, with the objective of challenging the low seasons of the travel industry, at the same time, aiding both national and international travel operatives with more productivity during the low season than usual trend.

Who We Are

What We DO

TII works as a conduit between the international and national tour operators, airline companies, and travel authorities. With the Committee’s strong relations with the international travel boards and operators, the local travel industry may now have a better and more profitable range of rates and availability both on peak and low seasons.

By holding its Annual Travel Madness Expo during the low season, travel providers are given the chance to turn their low season into a busy and money-making season, unlike what has been experienced in the past few decades. TII aims to dictate the elimination of the low seasonality in the travel world. Travel agencies will be offered significantly lower, yet reasonable rates that they can present to the market.

This is tailored for all types of travel agencies. In as much as TII recognizes value for money, we are pleased to offer our travel partners the minimum costing for the expo booths, and the fair share of participating exhibitors to exceed cash recovery by means of profit. With the very minimal costs and comparatively lower and reasonable rates, and all participating exhibitors can now give their own establishment the proper branding they deserve.

NOW ON THE 7th run this year, the Travel Madness Expo is a venue for the travel and tourism industry in the Philippines to turn the traditional low seasons into a busy and lucrative period.

What We Can Do For YOU

With the understanding of every tourism boards’ objectives, TII can assist in promoting both our country’s newly-rising and most enticing travel destination. To this effect, TII shall be tourism boards’ third hand in creating new travel icons for the Philippines and all other country, helping to improve the economy by means of travel. 


With the Committee Members bringing in more than twenty (20) years of experience in the travel world, they have found out that open and consistent communication, with minimal costs on international collaboration, altogether with the extensive first-hand experience and strong ties with international and local operators, TII takes advantage of this edge to bridge the travellers to the world.

YOU as the Tourism Authority

 YOU as the Travel Provider

There are thousands of travel agencies, and still counting, all over the country. Not all are well-known; some have decided to go to a different direction, some standing proud. TII has structured a new strategy, and has made their relationship with international tourism boards even stronger. As a travel agency, better rates and better deals are always the icing on the cake.

By providing you with reasonably lower and reasonable rates during the low season and a Travel Madness Expo, your agency will have a new and positive outlook towards your “travel cash meter” during the low tide - not to mention the biggest significance of profit-making by offering minimal costing for the event.